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Heavy truck tyre changer

URSA Num: 024014

Dimentions: 2000x1580x950mm

Weight: 670.00 kg



Super-duty electric motor and hydraulic drive for superior torque and wheel holding power.
Self-centering hydraulic clamping chuck.
Heavy, tapered roller bearing and a dual direction hydraulic motor provide smooth torque.
Quick positioning and locking mount/demount arm.
Hydraulic sliding carriage for positioning, bead loosening, mounting, and demounting procedures.
Single piece frame for superior rigidity.
Massive chuck spindle handles the heaviest loads.
Simple design, easy operation.
Damage-free to over-the-road tyres and tubeless tyres mounted on Aluminum wheels.

Technical specification:

 Pump motor  1.5kw
 Rotating motor   2.2kw
 Clamping capacity    14" ~ 26"
 Max. tyre diameter  1200mm
 Max. tyre width  700mm
 Max. tyre weight  500kg
 Air supply   8bar
 Noise level  <95dB