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Collision repair spot welder for steel with double side spot welding

URSA Num: 018052

Weight: 110.00 kg


Max. output current 9800A

Input power 25kVA

Input current 32A

Power supply 380V/50Hz 3Phase

Output voltage when using electrods 4.5-8V AC

Output voltage when using carbon rod 3.5-5.5V AC

Output voltage when making spot welding 12-14V AC

No load voltage 12.1V

Time regulation 0.1-2.0s (stepless regulation)

Single side spot welding up to 1.0+1.2mm

Double side spot welding up to 2.5+2.5mm

Clamping force 1170N

Air supply 5-8bar

Cables from pure copper

Microprocessor controlled

Single or continued welding

The compressed air is also used for cooling, which increases the duty cycle with 40%

Fast and easy changable electrods

Welding process actuated by a button on the welding gun for more precise work

The set includes:

-Welding machine

-Cart for easy moving of the machine and storring of the accessories

-Hanging arm with balancer for supporting of the cables

-Planishing electrode

-Seam melting electrode

-Electrode for wavy lines and washers

-Electrode for spot welding and for screws

-Electrode for long washers

-Hammer for the triangular electrodes

-Rally hammer

-Cupule for the rally hammer

-Six-claw hook for the rally hammer

-Four-claw hook for the rally hammer

-Pneumatic vacuum cupule hammer

-Precision regulated puller

-Four claw puller

-Accessory box

-Set of accessories ( triangular electrodes, wavy lines, carbon rod's etc.)