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Handheld induction heater 1.5kW

URSA Num: 018041

Dimentions: 480x380x130

Weight: 4.50 kg


The induction heater 018041 is designed for quick, efficient and safe heating of metallic parts. 018041 is a superior substitute to autogenous or LPG flame based heating methods in your workshop, it is particularly useful for applications with screwed joints in vehicles, cases, bearings, hubs etc.
Induction heating brings workpieces to the proper temperature faster than traditional methods and provides more control in sensitive areas such as upholstered and painted surfaces. 018041 is an advanced, efficient method for heating parts prior to hardening, defrosting, etc.
Low consumable cost. No operating burdens related to purchasing and leasing gas cylinders. Safer and more comfortable working environment for the operator. The operator is not exposed to open flame, hot gases and risk of fire and explosion as with flame heating.
018041 is a highly energy efficient heating system.


• Mobility - weighs only 3.1 kg in a compact size comparable to a small welding machine.
• Capacity 1.5 kW, high load factor.
• Easy handling and access - coil connecting cable length of 70 cm with a small carrying handle.
• Flexibility and simple operation - it may be connected anywhere to the power grid, simple and quick  preparation.
• Versatile heating elements for every application - for shaped, flat, circular, positioned or standard parts.
• State-of-the-art and affordable method of workshop heating.


• Automotive, railway and ship construction industry, machine construction, car repair shops, assembly shops, plumbers and heating engineers, house hobby rooms etc.
• Manufacture, repair renovation, maintenance.
• Parts that require heating such as bolts, rod and profile steel, metallic sheets, bearings, cases, driving shafts, suspensions, nuts, pipes, gears, spring bases, shafts, lambda probes, machine and vehicle parts and components, exhausts, pulleys, boxes, bushings etc.
• Heating of tools and parts prior to hardening, gluing, soldering.
• Defrosting.
• The same applications as those of LPG and autogenous burners.