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Semi-automatic motorcycle tyre changer

URSA Num: 024119



Specially designed for demounting/mountig of motorcycle tyres

Rigid Vertical and Horizontal Post

      1. Swing arm with manual locking device for space saving operation and fast operation.

      2. Special demounting/mounting head for motorcycle tyres.

Powerful Bead Breaking System

  1. Double -acting pneumatic cylinder generates powerful 2,500kg bead breaking force to loosen tough wheel with ease.
  2. Adjustable bead breaking shoe with precise radian allows tyre beads to be accurately loosened.

Pedal Assembly

  1. Pedals of pre-cast aluminum

Wheel Clamping System

  1. Rigid self-centering chuck with precise inching sliding locating the desired clamping size at a time.
  2. Reversible direction of turntable gives operators the ability to back up in the event of turntable stall during stubborn bead installation to reduce the risk of tire damage .
  3. Special motorcycle adapters for clamping of various motorcycle rims.

Maintenance-free Gear Box

  1. Special grease lubrication gives efficient heat dissipation for longer lift use.
  2. High-strength alloy worm and worm gear with accurate matching and conformity transfer the stable and powerful working force onto the turntable.

Inflation System

  1. Inflation gun with manometer.

Technical specification:


 Motor power  0.75kw/0.55kw*/1.1kw*
 Power supply   220V/400V*/110V*
 Max. wheel diameter    41" (1040mm)
 Max. wheel width  14" (355mm)
 Clamping  6" ~ 24"
 Bead braker force
 Air supply   8bar
 Noise level  <75dB